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Why You Should Ride a Motor Scooter to Work

Sure, a car is more private and it can carry a lot more people. However, going to work doesn't need a lot of privacy on your part. You also don't need to bring a lot of people with you because you're basically the only one who's going to work. Because of that, you can probably opt for a motor scooter on your way to work. Here are some other reasons why you should:

Better for the planet

Motor scooter are a lot more fuel-efficient than cars are. A gallon of fuel can get you anywhere from 30 to 100 miles depending on the type of motor scooter you have. But cars can't even get close to 40 miles a per gallon except for the fuel-efficient ones. Moreover, manufacturers don't use a lot of resources to make a motor scooter. This all means that you are actually promoting a more environmental approach if you ride a motor scooter to work instead.

Saves you money

Of course, money is always an issue. When it comes to being fuel-efficient, we're not only talking about how a motor scooter is better for the environment but also how it benefits your bank account as well. You can get to save a lot of baht for fuel. On top of that, insurance and parking are also a lot more affordable. And did we mention that motor scooter are a lot cheaper than even the smaller cars are?

There will always be a parking space for you

One of the main reasons why people are late for work is that they couldn't find a parking space. But have you heard someone on a motor scooter complaining about how he couldn't find parking? I doubt. This is because a lot of places have designated parking spaces for motor scooter. Since not a lot of people in your workplace are probably riding motor scooter to work, there will always be available parking for you. And even if there aren't any designated places for parking, motor scooter are so compact that you can fit them in areas that are a quarter of the space needed to park a car.

Get to work on time

You'll be able to save a lot of time if you ride a motor scooter to work. Traffic jams are always a huge problem for everyone around the world. However, you can escape such a hassle by riding a motor scooter because you can go through tight spaces that cars can only dream of. You'll be at work in no time while your other co-workers are still stuck somewhere.

Promotes health

This might sound weird right? After all, a motor scooter isn't exactly like an ordinary bike that needs manual peddling to move. Some might think that motor scooter are just smaller cars because all you have to do is to sit and drive. But that isn't the case. When you ride a motor scooter, you don't slouch in a seat like you do in a car. You are actually engaging more muscles, especially in your core because you won't be able to slouch on a motorcycle. You also have to maintain your balance at all time by keeping your core strong. In addition to that, you can't eat and drive or eat and smoke while on a motor scooter because there's less room and because you basically have to focus on maintaining your balance and keeping both hands on the handlebars.

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