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Why You Should Go Riding In Thailand

Southeast Asia hosts the region’s “Golden Triangle.” This triangle overlaps three countries: Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. It is the spot where the three countries converge. The landscape in the area is truly incredible. It is rough and mountainous, but utterly beautiful. If you’re visiting Southeast Asia, the area is a must-see. This is particularly true for the Thai side of the triangle. A well-developed tourist economy thrives there. You can enjoy the amazing landscape combined with the convenience of a proper road. If you’re considering riding in Asia, this is the perfect place to begin. Why ride in Thailand? There are so many people who say they’d like to explore the Thai countryside on two wheels. Unfortunately, not as many people actually do so. International travel is daunting on its own. You have to plan your trip, make sure you get safe accommodation, and ensure that you aren’t going over your budget. For some people, the added worry about driving in a foreign country is just too much. It’s easy to push it off and say that you’ll do it next time.

How many next times are there going to be? Sometimes the best thing to do is to just do it. Fortunately, driving in Thailand isn’t actually too difficult. Finding a rental shop is easy, scooters and motorcycles are cheap, and you can get acquainted with the riding style relatively quickly. Just remember to drive on the left, keep your eyes open, and move out of the way for anything that’s bigger than you!

Is it safe to ride in Thailand? Assuming you aren’t smuggling drugs and don’t drive like a crazy person, you’ll probably be fine. Whether you’re in Thailand or not, there will always be fast roads, potholes, and alcohol. As long as you’re smart about riding, you’ll be alright. Thailand has great roads with an incredible view. There isn’t too much traffic and the beautiful weather is often perfect for riding. Weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself whether or not you’re willing to risk it.

A couple things to remember

Before you ride off to the nearest viewpoint, remember to get yourself a good helmet. Choose a strong one that doesn’t have any cracks. It’s always better to opt for a full-coverage helmet as well - the cheaper ones without visors don’t offer much protection, especially against those pesky bugs.

There will never be the perfect time to take a riding trip in Thailand. Waiting for a universal sign is never going to work. If you want to travel and ride internationally someday, experiencing the area through a local’s eyes, you’ve got to just do it. It’s as good a time as ever. Got a couple of days off next month? Well, what are you waiting for? Purchase your ticket already! A non-refundable ticket to Southeast Asia is more than enough motivation for you to gather up the courage to go.

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