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Why you Need an Electric Scooter

Gone are the days of fuel-based bikes. Let’s say hello to electric scooters! Besides the obvious environmentally-friendly element, there are a lot of things that electric bikes have over their traditional counterparts.

The electric scooter is far superior in terms of performance and acceleration speed. Since it doesn’t need a clutch, it can go from 0 km per hour to 60 in a much shorter duration. Fuel-wise, it is a lot easier on your wallet, too. At the same time the costs are rising, the accessibility is going down. Additionally, fuel costs are unpredictable - you never really know how much you’re going to have to pay. Electricity, however, is more or less stable. There is no additional overhead fees, and the cost of charging your electric scooter will be included in your monthly electricity bill. It will surely save money, leaving you with extra cash for other things.

Electric scooter maintenance is also much more straightforward compared to fuel bikes. There are only a few mechanical components that you need to maintain - the tires, brake pads, and perhaps brake fluid. Other than that, electric scooters don’t have too many complex mechanisms. Constant innovation is able to make electric bikes more and more powerful. Recently, bikes with hydrogen fuel cells with power comparable to a 125cc bike are now on the market. For close destinations, electric scooters are the far superior choice. For longer distances however, the electric scooter is limited because a single charge will only last you around 200 kilometers. Although some electric bikes do a removable battery feature, the majority as of now do not. Long trips will require charging breaks.

When well-cared for, electric scooters are able to last an average of five years. Otherwise, they will probably run for around 3. Most of the time you will be able to get a warranty that covers maintenance and other repairs free of charge. However, if you damage the bike, you will incur the cost. Cost, distance, and nature of usage are factors that will influence the type of scooter that you need. Get in touch today to find out which one is right for you!

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