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Why a Scooter is Perfect for you

Have you ever ridden a gas scooter and felt the exhilaration as the wind sweeps through your hair? Though not many of us may have ridden one, a gas scooter promises to be different things to different people — safe, fuel efficient, low-maintenance, smart, and speedy. Add to that low insurance costs and high-quality components, and it is easy to see why gas scooters are rapidly gaining in popularity in these times of high fuel costs.

Simply put, a gas scooter represents exceptional value for money. In addition to all its advantages, it is also easy to park (no mean consideration in our crowded cities) and can move smoothly through heavy traffic. And because it is such a complete package, a gas appeals to different age groups and social segments.

Wide front handlebars, solid and sleek design, sturdy floorboards, and soft seats are some of the unique features that you get with every gas scooter. Moreover, at every end, the wheel is attached to a U-turning capacity. Accessorize your needs to the fullest by adding extra parts to your gas.

You can add headlights, taillights, windshield and similar other devices – in short, anything that makes for a pleasurable riding experience. In addition, do you need space to store your luggage? Behind the seat, you can add a storage box to serve that purpose, too!

Most gas scooters are equipped with two-stroke and four-stroke gas engines. Unlike the two-stroke engine, which has two separate tanks, one for oil and another for gas, four-stroke engines are just like car engines and do not require any injection oil.

Owing to their lesser displacements, gas scooters are less accident-prone than their two-wheeler counterparts, motorcycles. The principal reason for this is speed. At between 25 and 60 miles per hour, gas scooters are speedy enough to be a viable mode of conveyance, and yet sedate enough not to burn up the tires.

At BKK Scoot, we provide high quality gas scooters in the Bangkok area, they are fully insured and covered in case of any issue.

Renting a scooter is the perfect way to see Bangkok, and experience it’s vibrancy up close, instead of being stuck inside a taxi!

For either long term rentals or short term, BKK Scoot is the best destination for high quality scooters in Bangkok, with straight-forward pricing.

Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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