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The Health Benefits of Having a Motor Scooter

Riding a motor scooter can be incredibly freeing for your mind as well as your body. There are quite a few long-lasting benefits that riding can have, from a boost in brainpower to a better physique. Here are a few of them:

Benefit #1 – Boosts Your Brain Power

An awesome physique would be great to have, but what is a strong body without a strong mind? Many of us choose to commute daily using cars. In a car, we aren’t moving and our bodies are pretty close to completely resting. A motor scooter, on the other hand, requires your focus. The frontal areas of your brain are constantly engaged in keeping you upright and moving forward, and your body is working alongside. The cognitive power that you are using to ride a motor scooter keeps your brain engaged, and can even improve the cognitive levels at which you are functioning.

Benefit #2 – Increases Your Mental Fitness

Motor scooter riding does more than just boost your brainpower - it also boosts your mental health. As you ride along long roads and take in the fresh air and the view, your levels of stress visibly decrease, and endorphins pump through your veins. These happy hormones do what they do best - make you feel happier. The combination of these hormones and the vitamin D that is produced as a result of the sunlight will definitely increase your mental fitness.

Benefit #3 – Strengthens your core and stability

What’s that? A leisurely ride on a warm afternoon can train my core? Certainly! Maintaining an upright position on a motor scooter involves a lot of core stability. Just the act of controlling your posture can help you strengthen your core, neck, and back. If it’s windy, you’ll have to work even harder. This won’t get you abs, but it’s a great way to get in some low-impact core training.

Benefit #4 – Builds leg muscle

As you drive a motor scooter, your legs and knees will be getting in a workout. This is a particularly good exercise for those who don’t want to put too much pressure on their knees or thighs. You’ll be engaging your leg muscles as you ride, but you won’t have to strain them to keep yourself upright. After some time, you’ll notice a slow increase in muscle mass on your legs.

Benefit #5 – Melts fat with a full body workout

It takes a lot more energy to drive a motor scooter than it does to drive a car. It engages your physical body as well as your mind, and it also boosts your insulin sensitivity. As a result, your metabolism is higher and you’ll be expending energy and melting fat. As you ride, you’ll be engaging in a full body workout as well. Motor scooters can get heavy, and it takes energy to balance and steer these vehicles wherever you want to go. Muscles all over your body will be used, and you’ll soon see the improved muscle tone.

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