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Signs That You're Having a Common Bike Breakdown

If you're having a problem with your engine cutting out while you’re at a constant RPM, or you are experiencing unstable steering, you should figure out what’s causing these mechanical failures so you can fix them. If you are just riding along and your bike starts to feel different, it could mean something a lot more serious, so you should figure out what’s wrong with it as soon as possible.

Unstable steering

If you are just riding but the steering feels more imprecise and your handlebars are wagging back and forth, this might be due to a punctured rear tire. Your rear tire might have lost enough air, making it unable to maintain its shape, causing it to flop around. Don’t panic. You should pull over instead and carefully begin to slow down as you pull off the road. You should already carry a puncture repair kit around with you so that you can fix it.

Brake lever

If your front brake’s lever does not resist your pull, causing it to come back further than usual with less than normal braking power, you might have compromised it. There might be air in the lines, a seal might’ve been blown, the fluid might be boiled, or something else in the front brake is just not working properly. You should definitely pull over because without your front brake, you’re pretty much done riding. This problem will take special equipment to fix, so you should ride very slowly and carefully back home or to a mechanic. If you think it’s not safe to ride your bike anymore, call in a tow truck.

No acceleration

If your engine is revving but your bike is not accelerating, you might be opening the throttle, watching the engine RPMs rise but the power isn’t reaching the rear wheel or resulting in acceleration. This might be due to a slipping clutch, as clutch wear can get to a point to where there won’t be enough friction between the plates anymore. This means that you will definitely need new ones and the only thing you can do is replace it. Clutch slips will start small and will get a little worse over a few days or weeks, so get them replaced as soon as you start feeling it before this problem gets worse.

Engine cuts

If you are cruising at a constant speed or RPM after a regular period of time and the engine cuts, struggles, and then dies, this may mean that you have a blocked fuel tank breather. As your fuel pump sucks gas out of the tank, the breather might not be replacing its volume with air. This might create a vacuum from which the pump can no longer pull gas from the tank anymore. What you need to do is find a breather tube and clear it out. Look for a protruding rubber hose somewhere on your tank. On dirt or sports bikes, this hose can get clogged with sand or muck, and the breathers are right on the top where all the action happens.

Brake lever pulses

When you exceed the heat tolerance of your rotors, that may cause them to become a little wavy in a bad way. What you need to do is replace the rotors. Use your common sense to determine whether or not it’s safe to keep riding your bike when your bike’s braking capacity is somewhat diminished. You will definitely want to replace your rotors as soon as possible.

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