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Motorbike Safety Tips for Riding in Heavy Traffic

Heavy traffic is already bad enough to deal with. You don’t want to add a motorcycle accident to that, do you? To help you stay safe on your motorbike during rush hours, here are our top tips for riding safely in heavy traffic:

Be mindful of what’s going on around you Regardless of the vehicle you have, when you share the road with other people, you have to be a responsible driver. Keep an eye on the traffic around you for any potential threats and whether you’re blocking the way for other drivers. People get frustrated with the traffic, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of their anger. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of danger so that you can steer clear of it before anything happens.

Prepare yourself mentally before you head out

Before you put your key in the ignition, take a moment to gather yourself. If you have any pent-up anger, the road is not the place to release it. Keep that in mind and focus your energy on what’s going on ahead of you and around you so that you can reach your destination safely.

Wear protective gears

It should go without saying that whenever you’re on a bike, you should have all the necessary gears ready. Make sure you wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and a riding jacket so that your entire body is protected if an accident occurs. If you’re planning to ride at night, make sure you wear reflective gears so that drivers can clearly see you on the road.

Check the bike before you ride it You have to make sure that your bike is ready to be used before you take it out on the road. Check the brakes, accelerators, throttles, chains, lights, and display every time before you head out. You have to be able to react to any situation the road throws at you, and for that to be the case, your bike has to be at peak condition.

Obey traffic laws

We know that heavy traffic can be frustrating, but you still have to obey the traffic laws. Not only that this is for your own safety, but it’s for the safety of the fellow drivers and riders as well. You may have the urge to run a red light, but you have to suppress it, as a high-speed crash can leave you with severe injuries that can alter your lifestyle forever.

Learn the techniques

There are little nuances to riding a motorbike, and we suggest you learn them so that you can have a better feel for your vehicle. For example, you can drag your back brake when you’re riding in heavy traffic to make your bike run a little smoother when you’re accelerating and decelerating frequently. These little things are fun to learn, and they will also make you a better driver.

Read other riders’ movements You don’t want to have to guess what other riders are doing on the road, but you have to sometimes. When they don’t have their turn signals on but you can see that they are tilting their head towards that direction, it most likely means that they want to take a turn. Again, you have to be attentive to what’s going on around you so that you can react to the situation appropriately.

Check the road condition If you have to go through a bumpy road, you have to make sure that you understand how to upshift and downshift quickly and safely. You don’t want to run head first into a huge pothole and risk flipping your bike over. Pay attention to the conditions of the road in front of you and ride accordingly.

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