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Motorbike Maintenance - What You Should Know

A motorcycle is itself a complex assemblage of multiple machines, it’s hundreds of moving parts and joints working together every time you take your motorcycle out on the road. For your motorcycle to keep performing superbly, it needs to undergo regular maintenance.

Bike owners sometimes forget to take their motorcycle for a check-up because they lack the time and are in a hurry. But as a motorcycle owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your bike gets the regular maintenance it needs. You need to mark your calendars to remind you when you should take your bike out for maintenance. Here are 6 things you need to regularly check during bike maintenance:

(1) Cleaning

Aside from keeping in good condition, cleaning your bike allows you to discover small problems that you might otherwise not notice. Those small problems may mean big issues with your bike later on, by cleaning the bike yourself, you are practicing preventive maintenance. You can nip a motorcycle problem in the bud just by cleaning it! It’s a good idea to make cleaning your motorcycle a habit once per month.

(2) Wheels

The surface of the road where you ride your motorcycle may wear the thread on the tires’ surface. A threadless tire makes the motorcycle vulnerable to slipping in wet, muddy, or sandy environments. Check your tires to see if their threads are too worn. Your wheels’ bearings may have also worn down, so you should check them regularly.

Another thing you must monitor is the tire pressure. Too much tire pressure will make braking harder and will cause you to skid. Low tire pressure can make the tire vulnerable to deflation and it will make it difficult for the motorcycle to move efficiently at high speed.

(3) Brakes

Having functional breaks are a matter of life and death on the road for you and pedestrians. Regularly keeping your wheel brake pads, brake drums, brake disk, and brake fluid in good condition not only extends the life of your motorcycle, but it also keeps you safer.

(4) Control Cables and suspension

When the control cables have sufficient free play, the motorcycle will throttle smoothly. Control cables allow your engine to seamlessly transmit its power towards your motorcycle. Replace the cables when you see them worn or damaged already, clean and lubricate your control cables and maintain enough free play. The suspension should also be working at all times to ensure a smooth, noise-free ride.

(5) Head bearing and handlebars

You want your handlebars to work correctly when you steer left or right. Checking your bike’s head bearing and handlebars’ condition every now and then will ensure that you will stay safe - don’t let an accident happen due to poor maintenance.

(6) Chain, sprockets, and other moving parts

Always make sure that the chain is well-aligned. Regularly clean and lubricate the chain and sprockets, along with other moving parts such as the pedals, levers, and stand. You can test ride your motorcycle to find unusual noises. If you hear strange noises, investigate the possible sources.

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