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How to Rent a Motor Scooter in Bangkok

One thing tourists tend to remember about Thailand is that there are a lot of motor scooters. Riding a motor scooter here is extremely cheap, setting you back a minimum of 150 baht a day. For a true local experience, why not consider embarking on a bike adventure around town? If this sounds like your kind of thing, read on to learn how to rent a motor scooter in Thailand.

There are many options when it comes to motor scooters to rent in Thailand. From silly scooters to bikes that pack a roar, you can find one that meets your needs. No matter where you are in Thailand, renting a motor scooter is cheap and convenient.

Bring the following items when you head out to rent a motor scooter:

  • Passport

  • Contact information (phone number, current address)

  • Cash (Approximately 150 to 450 baht, varying according to your location and preferred bike)

Make sure you are reasonably proficient in riding a motor scooter. Although most shops don’t request to see a license, you want to drive away from the shop without landing on the pavement. If you aren’t a well-versed driver, remember that you are assuming risk not only for yourself, but also others on the road.

What to Expect from Your Average Motor Scooter Rental Shop:

It’s assumed that when you rent a bike for a day, you can use it for a maximum of 24 hours. If you wish to rent longer, there are usually weekly or monthly options. For a week, it may cost an approximate of 1,000 baht. For a month, it may be around 3,000 baht. Helmets are usually provided, but most do not offer a lot of protection. The entire rental process takes a pretty short time. The longest part will probably be selecting your bike.

After you’ve selected a bike, you will be asked to complete a form with your name, passport number, and address in Thailand. They will also note the date and time that you have to return it as well as the amount you paid.

That’s it! Grab your keys and helmet and head on out to your adventure.

If you head to an exceptional motor scooter rental shop, they may offer one or a few of these additional features:

Motor Scooter Insurance: Even when driving with care, you still occasionally fumble. Just in case, we recommend insurance. Small repairs in Thailand are pretty cheap, but anything serious may be a big blow to your wallet.

Health Insurance: Make sure you check that it considers both the driver and the passenger.

Copy of Passport: A shop may ask for a copy of your passport or a cash deposit as collateral.

Before you drive off into the sunset, make sure you inspect the bike. It would be wise to snap shots of any scratches or broken pieces that are already there. This is to make sure you are not coerced into paying for any scrapes you did not cause.

Don’t forget to keep a copy of the contract. Make sure you know where the rental shop is and when you have to return the bike. Finally, inquire as to the locations of the nearby gas stations. A liter will set you back approximately 30 baht. Your bike will most likely use either gasohol 91 or 95 - if you are unsure, ask the rental shop beforehand.

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