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How to Keep your Motorcycle Running Smoothly

The popularity of motorcycles has increased significantly worldwide in recent years. In every part of the world, the use of motorcycles has been regarded as both a necessity for transportation and luxury for recreation. In some countries, almost every household has a motorcycle displayed in the garage. And on every road, there will always be motorcycles weaving between the cars, buses, and trucks congesting the way.

It’s inevitable that with more motorcycles on the road, there is an increase in motorcycle-accident casualties and motorcycle-related fatalities. In the US, for instance, it was recorded last year that 14 percent of all traffic accident deaths involved the use of motorcycles. In fact, the highest recorded number of fatalities across the country is 5,290 people who died in motorcycle accidents back in 2008.

With that being said, it’s extremely important that as a motorbike rider, you need to keep your motorcycle running ever so smoothly at all costs. Here are four important things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your motorcycle is able to run smoothly.

Keep your motorbike clean.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and in the case of your motorcycle, cleanliness is tantamount to safety. It all boils to cleaning your motorbike regularly. Why is there a need to do so? A dirty motorcycle has all sorts of dust and dirt accumulated in every part and component.

Not cleaning your motorcycle regularly also leads to a lot of gunk building up in all the wrong places. This residue might cause rust to form in your motorcycle. In due time, your motorcycle will get worn out and its parts and components won’t work smoothly as they should be. Hence, it’s important that you wash your motorcycle at least once a month.

Check your motorbike’s parts and components.

There is a lot to do to maintain your motorcycle every now and then, particularly if you ride it regularly. Make sure that you thoroughly check every important part and component of your motorcycle.

One, you need to ensure that you keep your motorcycle’s tires at the right pressure level for a good fuel economy figure. Second, you need to ensure that your motorcycle’s chain isn’t loose and about to fall off as this might really be a dangerous ride for you. Third, you need to check the clutch as well to ensure that the lever isn’t too loose nor too tight.

Furthermore, you can ensure that the engine of your motorcycle is in good condition by changing the engine oil regularly so that all its internal parts run smoothly. Also, the battery on the motorcycle needs to be charged every few months. A battery loses its power with every thumb of the starter and with every brake pedal pressed every so often.

Take precautionary measures on the road.

Taking all sorts of precautionary measures on the road will give you a smooth run and help you evade from accidents. How do you go about doing this?

For one, always be wary on when to stop your motorcycle to avoid a collision or an obstacle such as a bump on the road. While most motorbike riders like to speed up on the road, safety comes first. Second, it’s important that you light up your motorcycle to send signs of what you will do next. There is nothing more irritating than a motorcycle rider who does not indicate when they intend to turn or change lanes.

Call the shots and drive well.

Finally, a smooth running of your motorcycle all depends on you as the rider or driver yourself. You drive and you call the shots. If you are one heck of a reckless driver, then that might cost you and even your life. But if you are wary of your smooth riding and are aware of all safety road measures, then you can have a safe and smooth riding experience.

Apart from the maintenance aspect of your motorcycle, riding your motorbike properly will make a difference. Braking calmly, accelerating steadily, and turning smoothly are some ways to have a smooth riding experience.

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