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How to Change Your Motorbike Oil - Our Guide

A motorcycle’s engine oil goes across the gears and inside the engine and ensures that these bits are lubricated, keeping the engine functioning well. Regardless of the type of motorcycle you are using whether it’s a scooter, motocross, or trail bike, it needs engine oil. But over time, the engine oil gets more vicious from the debris and particles it encounters every time it runs through the engine’s interior, causing it to clog and slows down the engine’s performance. The amount of oil inside the engine also decreases through time as drops of it get spent and expelled out of the engine. Thus, you need to change your engine oil from time to time, depending on the terrain you are using your motorcycle and how much mileage it has reached.

Each motorcycle manufacturer and type of motorcycle has a maintenance book which you can use for reference when the bike has reached the mileage that would indicate it’s time to change the oil. Terrain also affects the time when you can change the oil, especially if you are using your motorcycle in dusty, rugged terrain. For less extreme situations, if your motorcycle has reached 10,000 kilometers, that would be enough. But since motorcycle use and type varies, there is no universal value or set of criteria that will tell you when the oil has to be changed, and you have to refer to your maintenance manual.

Another thing to consider is to check the oil level. For more modern models, there is a peephole in the engine which you can use to test it. For older models, you can dip a stick into the oil tank. The maintenance manual will tell you what levels of oil would indicate the need to replace your oil. Just make sure to set the motorcycle straight and not leaning upon its stand when you measure the oil levels.

After having determined that the oil needs to be replaced, it’s time to remove it. First, unscrew the oil cap of the crankcase. Depending on the motorcycle you have, the crankcase has a rubber O-ring or a copper washer that serves as a stopper that prevents the oil from leaking out of the motorcycle. If you have a washer, you also have to change it when you change the oil.

Second, place a tray or vat underneath the motorcycle’s engine to gather the old oil. Just be environmentally responsible enough not to throw that oil anywhere. Find the nearest oil disposal facility in your area before you drain the oil so that you will know where to bring it to.

Unscrew the drain bolt using a socket wrench and wait for the old oil to flow out. If you do not know where your motorcycle’s drain bolt is, refer to the maintenance book. Also remove the oil filter, taking care that you don’t get stained with the excess oil it has. Then sit and wait for all the oil to drain down.

Once all the oil has drained into the container, change the oil filter with a new one and then fill the oil tank with new oil up to the recommended level or amount that the maintenance manual states. Then put back the stopper and cap. Ensure that the area is free of oil spills that may go to our tires and may cause our motorcycle to skid.

Turn on the motorcycle and leave it running idle for a few minutes. Inspect the oil level. If the oil level stays the same after you have filled the oil tank with new oil, then you’re done.

Other things to keep in mind when replacing your oil is to be aware of the fuel you are putting in as it might be the old oil from the vat. Some careless drivers do that. Also, never turn on the motorcycle without putting back the cap of the oil tank to prevent fire hazards.

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