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How Often Should You Change Your Motorcycle Oil for Optimal Performance

Proper and regular motorcycle maintenance is necessary to keep your bike in top condition. Among the most crucial maintenance tasks that every motorcycle owner should take seriously is the oil change. If you’re a new bike owner, it’s important for you to learn how to check oil levels and how often you should change your oil. Read on as we take a look at the factors that affect the ideal oil change frequency.

First Things First: What does motorcycle oil do to your engine?

Contrary to what some may think, engine oil does much more than simply lubricating the engine’s moving parts. It also serves as a cleanser for the engine and its vital parts, helping reduce and slow down wear and tear. Each time you start your bike and rev its engine, the oil instantly works to lubricate, clean, and protect the engine from the sudden temperature changes—from a cold start to high running temperature.

Additionally, the oil also keeps the engine cool by absorbing high temperatures produced in the combustion chamber. When your engine runs cool, it will also run quieter and smoother. Your motorcycle will also be more fuel-efficient.

When should you change your motorcycle oil?

Generally, there are four factors to consider when deciding the right frequency for an oil change. These are:

- Whether your bike was purchased new or second-hand

- The type of oil used in the last oil change

- Mileage

- How often you use your bike

Let’s take a quick look at each factor.

New or Second-Hand Bike

If you have just purchased a brand new bike, it is important that you follow the change oil intervals specified on the manual or recommended by the manufacturer or dealer. You should also follow recommendations on which type of oil to use. By doing this, you can take better care of your motorcycle’s engine and help it last longer.

Meanwhile, if you bought a second-hand bike, the first project you need to tackle is to change the oil ASAP. Even if the previous owner claims that the bike was just recently oil-changed, it will be in your best interests to do it again yourself. This way, you can start anew—keep your own oil change record and choose the best oil for your bike.

Type of Oil and Mileage

There are three types of oil: mineral, semi-synthetic, and fully synthetic.

If you’re using mineral oil, the liquid should be changed at least every 3,000 kilometers. Meanwhile, if your bike has semi-synthetic motor oil, you can change it after 8,000 to 9,000 kilometers. If your bike uses fully synthetic motor engine oil, an oil change every 10,000 kilometers is still acceptable.

Synthetic motor oils are generally more expensive than mineral oil. However, they last longer, so the required oil change interval is spread out longer.

Your Usage Habits

Another thing that can affect the frequency of oil change is how often you use your motorcycle. If you use mineral oil but don’t use your bike often, you can change the oil approximately two times a year. If you use your motorcycle every day or go on long trips on your bike, however, you will need to change the oil more frequently. This is regardless of the type of oil you use and the bike’s mileage.

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