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Factors That Affect Your Body Posture and Back Pain When Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience and one that is incredibly fun. That being said, riding for a long period of time without taking a break can put a strain on your back, causing back pain as a result. It should also be noted that there are three main factors that determine your riding posture and the amount of pain that comes with it: your motorcycle type, your body type, and your motorcycle parts. Let’s take a look at each of these factors in more detail.

1. Your Type of Motorcycle

The three primary types of motorcycles that are used by most riders are the standard, cruiser, and sports. These are all factors that affect your comfort level when riding.

// Standard

A standard motorcycle is usually used for touring or dual sports. For this one, your body is straight up with your feet placed directly below your hands. Your shoulders and elbows don’t extend as much, thus resting in a comfortable position. This type of motorcycle is suitable for long-distance rides. One way to avoid body stiffness and back pain is to keep the shoulders neutral as much as possible.

// Cruiser

For the cruiser, your body is also in an upright position, with your feet slightly ahead of you, providing slightly less support for your back. Moreover, when riding at high speeds, the tension increases on the chest. This results in the rider having to lean forward to gain control, thus causing strain on the lower back. // Sports

A sports motorcycle forces your body to lean forward during your ride, which causes a lot of strain on the whole body. At fast speed, your torso will be supported by the pressure from the wind. At low speed, however, your upper body and lower spinal muscles take the strain. Therefore, a sports motorcycle should be avoided when going on a long journey.

2. Your Body Height and Width

Another factor that affects the level of pain you will experience on your back is your own body measurement, particularly height and weight. If you are very tall, you will have to hunch over, which causes you pain in the back. On the other hand, if you are on the shorter side, you might have to lean forward or reach up to gain access to the controls. When being stuck in this posture for a long period of time, your back pain can be really bad and injury is more likely.

This is why you should learn more about a few adjustments that you can do with the motorcycle parts in order to make your ride more comfortable with less strain on the back. 3. Your Motorcycle Parts

Certain motorcycle parts including handlebars, seats, and foot pegs play a significant role in helping you to improve your riding posture, which in turn prevents back pain and other chronic diseases. // Handlebars

Handlebars are made for the “average” body height and they are not custom-made for a specific individual. This means that you may not find a motorcycle with handlebars that are perfect for your height. That being said, you can still adjust the handlebar to be shorter, taller, or wider according to what fits your height and posture the best. // The Seat

Stock seats are not of the highest quality and they can be quite uncomfortable. If you want to enhance the comfortability, then you should consider switching it with something that fits your body measurements.

// Foot Pegs

Foot pegs can make a lot of difference when it comes to your body posture. Just like the seat and handlebars, you should adjust the foot pegs level to match with your height so that the pressure won’t be put on your back.


By taking these factors into account, you can make the necessary adjustments to make sure that you can lessen the strain that you would otherwise put on your back. After all, riding a motorcycle should only be liberating and fun!

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