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Essential Upgrades and Additions For Night Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle at night can be liberating. The roads are empty and the cool wind is blowing against your face as the streetlights rhythmically flick by. Without the constant honking and yelling that you would otherwise experience during the day, you can ride at peace. There are a lot of good things that you will get to experience from riding a motorcycle at night. However, there are some drawbacks that you need to be aware of as well. The most obvious problem with riding at night is that it’s harder to see and be seen. In fact, vehicle accidents are more likely to happen at night due to this reason. It goes without saying that motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable compared to car drivers, seeing as the only things protecting them is their apparel and gear. This is why it’s imperative that bike riders need to make themselves visible on the road at all times, especially at night.

Motorcycles usually come with a headlight, tail light, and a few reflectors to signal to others on the road of the bike’s presence. However, these are simply not enough to stay safe on the roads at night. This guide will tell you all about some helpful motorcycle additions that are designed to ensure your safety on the roads at night.


A headlight is an essential part of every motorcycle. While some are effective, others need a serious upgrade. Any traditional lights can be upgraded to provide better lighting. With effective lighting, riders are able to see the roads better while also allowing other drivers to spot them from further aware. Unfortunately, headlight modulators - which is great for daytime riding - are not legal for riding at night.

One option for night riders is to switch the bulb used for the headlight to something that is brighter. The upgrade can be done fairly quickly and easily. Another option is to upgrade the whole headlight unit. HID lighting and LEDs are quite popular among modern riders due to their effectiveness in enhancing the bike’s visibility as well as the rider’s vision. Keep in mind that an upgrade should go together with the model of your bike and that the electrical system must work with the new addition.

Tail Light

Just like a headlight, a motorcycle tail light is equally as crucial. However, with only 12.8 volts of light, tail lights are not that powerful when it comes to durability and visibility at night. To improve rear end visibility, you can use LED tail lights that are much brighter and more energy-efficient.

LED upgrades can be done on every bike, and the installation process is very quick and simple. Some bike models also provide additional lights to enhance the brake light. This way, the cars behind will know when to stop. Another way to improve tail lights’ efficiency is to add tail light flashers that can modulate the brake lights in a specific pattern when the brakes are used. That being said, you need to check if these flashers are legal in your state.


With these upgrades and additions, motorcycle riders can feel safer when riding at night. Do note, however, that it’s important to check local statutes before getting updates because you may be unknowingly installing an upgrade that’s illegal in your area.

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