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Easy and Simple Ways to Fix Common Motorbike Problems

It isn’t uncommon to see men treat their motorcycles like they do their baby. A motorcycle is a vehicle that needs proper care every now and then, whether you use it regularly or store it away in the garage for most of the time.

So what do you do when your motorcycle has a problem that requires attention? Do you automatically make your way to your mechanic? Not necessarily.

While there are motorbike issues that should be addressed by a trained mechanic, there are quite a number of small issues that you can fix in your own garage. Here’s a list of easy and simple ways to fix a few common motorbike problems:

Fuel Contamination

Fuel contamination is a very common problem. This happens when your leftover bike fuel gets stale and clogs the fuel system. This usually occurs when you rarely use your motorbike. For example, if you haven’t used your bike over the winter or were away for a month on a trip, this problem may occur.

To avoid fuel contamination, it’s best to completely drain your fuel tank when you set aside your motorbike for storage or when you don’t use it regularly. You can also make use of fuel stabilizers to prevent fuel clogs and oxidation.

Dead Battery

A dead battery is another common problem that can arise when either you no longer use your motorbike on a regular basis or when you leave your lights on overnight.

There are two things that you can do to prepare for such a situation. One, ensure that you always switch off your lights when you park your motorbike. Two, pick up a battery charger that will not only charge your battery but keep it topped up. It’s that simple!


There are cases when everything may be up and running but your motorbike won’t start. In circumstances like this, your spark plug might be the problem. This is one common motorbike problem that you will encounter.

Here’s what you need to do.

First, clean the area around the base of your spark plug. Unscrew the plug and check the gap between the two electrodes. If the space is too wide, bend it back into place. Secondly, check if there are cracks or if the tips of the electrodes are worn out. If they are, you may need to get a professional replacement.

Worn-Out Chains

One common problem that motorbike owners experience is having worn-out chains. When you neglect your chains, you may cause damage to your bike or even end up in an accident while you’re driving on the road.

Hence, it’s important to always maintain these chains so they don’t become loose and worn out. How do you maintain your chain? Do regular checks and adjust it to ensure that it is taut but not strained nor loose.

// Wrapping Up

See how easy and simple it is to fix your motorbike? These simple problems can always be addressed in your garage. You don’t need to rush off to the local mechanic to have your baby checked. A home repair can save you time as well as money. That being said, if you have tried everything to no avail, it may be about time to have your bike repaired at a shop.

More than anything else, remember to always take care of your baby because needless to say, prevention is better than cure. That applies to your motorbike as well!

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