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Bangkok - one of the city which has worst traffic in the world!

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

You might have heard about Bangkok's reputation in traffic from your friends who visited or many medias and wonder how could it be that bad.

There are about 15 millions people commuting in Bangkok. The public transportation is just yet at their best. The fast transportation like Skytrain and Subway are not yet covering entire city, so you will still have to either walk, take a taxi, or scooter to reach your destination.

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If you are planning your traveling in Bangkok, we suggest that you always set time aside for the commuting at least 40 mins. BTS and MRT are very easy to use, not complicated yet not everywhere in Bangkok has it. Taking scooter / motortaxi is the fastest way to commute around Bangkok, and don't worry they can not ride too fast in Bangkok anyway.

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