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5 Things You Need to Keep in Mind When Planning a Motorcycle Trip

Traveling on a motorbike along the open country road can be the most rewarding experiences of your life. It encompasses everything that a traveler loves -- freedom, the open sky, and wild spirit. To make sure that you have the best experience on the back of your favorite bike, you need to know all of the safety measures by heart. With that said, here are five things you need to keep in mind every time you’re planning a motorcycle trip:

Get All the Safety Gear Your safety and comfort are the top priorities when you’re planning to ride a bike across long distances, so you need to make sure that you have all the equipment necessary to help you enjoy your trip to its fullest. Make sure you bring all the necessities such as a biker jacket, gloves, sunglasses, and a high-quality helmet with you every time you’re planning to take the bike out. It’s also a good idea to bring a small screwdriver with changeable bits so that you can do some minor adjustments if necessary. Also, you need to make sure that your bike is visible at night, so stock up on the appropriate reflective gear and make sure that you stand out.

Choose The Right Bike for You Your bike will be your companion throughout the trip, and like a travel mate, you wouldn’t want to be caught up with someone you don’t feel comfortable with. You need to make sure that the bike is right for your size, strength, and riding skills, as those are crucial for your safety and comfort. Imagine if you have to spread your legs in a near 180-degree angle just to be able to sit on top of the bike seat! That wouldn’t be comfortable for five minutes. Imagine sitting in that position for hours on end! Yes, we wouldn’t want to do that either, so make sure you choose the right bike.

Check the Availability Before the Trip

Before hitting the road, you need to make sure that the bike is in the best condition possible. Get a complete checkup of the bike from top to bottom. When you’re on the open road, anything can happen, and you need to make sure that your bike is in the condition that allows you to avoid any accident that can occur. Check the brakes, clutches, accelerator, lights, and engine to be sure that everything is in peak condition.

Follow Traffic Rules Traffic rules are there for a reason, and that reason is to ensure that every driver and rider can share the road safely. Therefore, you need to make sure that you follow all of them strictly. Although you may feel like you want to go over the speed limit on an open road in the countryside, it’s a better idea to stop yourself from doing it. You never know if a pothole could send you flying or skidding on the surface of the road when you approach it at maximum speed, unable to spot it in time. This is the type of case that traffic rules are trying to prevent, so you need to make sure you follow them closely.

Give Yourself Plenty of Rest There are inherent risks associated with riding a motorbike on an open road, and that is to be expected. You need to keep in mind that these risks can go up massively if you don’t get enough rest, as your brain will react more slowly and less effectively. You should limit your time on the road in one day to ensure that you remain in peak condition at all times. Also, you need to take the weather, traffic, and road condition into consideration when you’re planning each ride, as all of these things can quickly wear you out. Make sure you get enough food, water, and sleep so that you can stay safe and healthy throughout the journey.

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