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5 Reasons To Own A Motorbike And Not A Car

When it comes to road vehicles, there are only two clear options: a car or a motorbike. Just like the debate between cats or dogs, it’s often a definitive choice which mode of transport people will prefer. However, if you’re still undecided, here are five advantages that motorbikes have over cars:

1) They enable you to zoom through the traffic

If you live in a big city, it is highly likely that you will experience heavy morning and evening traffic jams that may last for hours, which will put a huge delay in your journey. There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic, waiting for the lights to change while nervously hoping that you’ll make it to your meeting. On a motorbike, these problems will be solved due to their small size. You can drive between the cars stuck in traffic to reach the front of the line within minutes. This can save a significant amount of time off your daily commute, allowing you to arrive at work on time every morning. If you’re fed up of the endless traffic, consider upgrading to a motorbike instead.

2) They’re easier to park

Motorbikes are smaller than cars; this is a given. The benefit of having a small vehicle is that it can fit in spaces that most cars cannot. This means that by driving a motorbike, you can often park in more convenient spots and tighter spaces than if you were in a larger vehicle. This can save a lot of time and fuel that would be used driving around looking for an ideal spot. In terms of parking, motorbikes are versatile vehicles.

3) They’ll save fuel

With bigger engines and more weight, cars consume a lot more fuel than the average motorbike. When you switch to driving a motorbike instead of a car, you will be using less fuel and spending less money, as well as contributing fewer emissions to the environment. Overall, motorcycles are considerably more fuel-efficient than cars while still being able to offer you the same speed as most cars, if needed. It definitely packs a lot of punch into a small vehicle!

4) They’re fun

Riding a motorbike on the road is a much more exhilarating and fun experience in comparison to driving a car. You can feel the engine hum and enjoy the wind against your face as you drive. There is a certain sense of freedom that motorbikes provide the rider with for that little rush of adrenaline. Imagine commuting to work every day and being able to look forward to the journey rather than dread it. This is an experience that a motorbike can offer you.

5) They come with health benefits

It’s hard to imagine that sitting on a motorcycle can have some positive effects on your health, but there is evidence to suggest that you can burn on average 170 calories per hour by riding a motorbike. Furthermore, riding a motorbike utilizes a lot more muscles in your body compared to driving a car, meaning you are doing some “light” exercise and stretching your muscles as you ride.

When you consider all of these great benefits of owning a motorbike, why not swap your car out for a stylish and cool bike? You’ll beat the traffic while saving both time and money on your journey. Check out the latest bikes in our store today and get yourself a sweet new ride!

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