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5 Reasons to Get a Motor Scooter over a Motorbike

After bicycles, scooters are likely the most prevalent dual-wheeled vehicles in countries all over the world. People may think it isn’t that widespread when in actuality, it is. Honda, a Japanese manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles among other things, has sold near to a hundred million Cub and Super Cub scooters across the entire world. That’s a huge amount! There must be some reasons that people choose scooters over motorcycles. Let’s take a look at a few.


Scooters are incredibly easy to maintain. Until recently, you didn’t even need any technical skill or motorcycle maintenance experience to take care of them. The majority are straightforward 2 or 4 stroke engines that don’t need much maintenance. The belt drive and CVT powertrains don’t need a lot of care, either. All you have to do is fuel up and be on your way!

Most scooters are still like that, although technology is starting to bring some of the more advanced features on motorcycles to scooters.

Automatic Transmission

Don’t know how to drive clutch? No problem. Scooters are completely automatic, meaning that you don’t have to stress about learning how to drive a manual bike while you’re still new to motorcycling. A lot of people look down on automatic bikes for no reason. You don’t need to concentrate too hard on changing gears and controlling your clutch. Instead, just enjoy the ride.

Fuel Efficiency

Scooters are pretty small and light. They don’t have heavy frames and since they are automatic, they save a lot of fuel. You could be getting anywhere from 80 to 110 miles per gallon, depending on your engine! You won’t be getting that kind of efficiency with a motorcycle.

Pop Culture

Motorcycles can come across as intimidating and a little scary. A lot of people think they have to get thick boots and a leather jacket before they can really become a part of the riding community. That thought may be appealing to some, but rather unpleasant to others. With scooters, there is a completely different image. They are seen as much more friendly and easygoing vehicles, and you don’t have to stress about joining the club.

Great for Cities

Scooters are smaller and lithe, able to make sharp turns and navigate congested areas. This makes them especially great in cities. You can park your bike nearly everywhere, and speed past traffic jams. Additionally, the automatic feature of scooters will come in handy so you don’t have to keep shifting gears while getting through cars.

There will always be people who poke fun at you, asking when you’re ever going to get a “real” bike. Pay them no heed. They haven’t got the same advantages as you do!

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