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5 Reasons to get a Motor Scooter

Let’s be real, gas prices have been increasing consistently every year and there’s no sign of it dropping any time soon. As it becomes more expensive to commute via car, you should be looking for an alternative. A great mode of transportation that is economically practical is a motor scooter. Scooters are becoming increasingly popular in Asia as the miles to gallon price makes it much cheaper than driving a car.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should ride a motor scooter:

1. Scooters are extremely affordable:

One of the best features of motor scooters is that they give you more value for your money, whatever your budget is, you’ll be able to find a scooter that accommodates to your needs.

2. Scooters get amazing MPG:

If you are considering a scooter for your daily commute, or just for quick trips, a scooter is great because they get incredible value per gas mile compared to a car. Most scooters can get over 100 miles per gallon, it’s very economical!

3. Scooters have extremely low maintenance costs:

The cost of maintaining a scooter is very cheap and easy. The most common problem of a scooter is the need for a oil change, but these are covered by BKK Scoot when you rent one of our scooters, we make sure that they are given to you in the best condition possible!

4. Scooters are Perfect for Commuting:

Scooters are emerging as a popular choice because of the great combination of commuting with excellent MPG. Whether you are going to work, school, or just travelling around, the scooter can take you to and from your destination without damaging your wallet with high fuel prices. Several countries in Europe actually use scooters for their daily commutes because of how great they are for commuting. Motor scooters are a trend that is growing rapidly everywhere.

5. Scooters are very Easy to Ride:

The great thing about a motor scooter is that you do not need any prior motorcycle experience to be able to ride one. They are very easy to ride once you learn the basic functions. Motor Scooters have become the most popular entry level motorcycle.

Why Should You Buy a Motor Scooter?

A motor scooter is a great alternative mode of transportation for any person because of its great qualities. They are very affordable compared to any other motor vehicle in the market. Not only are they inexpensive in price, but its affordable maintenance costs makes the motor scooter a must have ride. When it comes to fuel economy, the motor scooter is the way to go because if its incredible MPG. Being able to ride 100 miles per gallon makes the motor scooter the perfect vehicle for daily commute without hurting your wallet with the high gas prices. These vehicles are extremely easy to ride making it the perfect entry level motorcycle.

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