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4 Reasons Why a Scooter Should be Your First Motorbike

Some people use the term motorcycle and scooter interchangeably, but there’s a difference between the two. Scooters are usually smaller, and they come with a smaller engine, which means that they can generate less speed and power. If you’re not convinced that a scooter is the best choice for your first motorized two-wheeled vehicle, here are four reasons why you should think otherwise: 1. They are easy to ride For a new bike owner, safety is the number one priority, which means that a scooter is usually the best option for those who are about to become first-time bike owners. Once you start to get the hang of how to control and balance a motorized bike, you can look to make your way up the horsepower ladder. As the bikes become more powerful, they will get heavier and harder to steer. This is why you need to have a firm grasp on how to control the bike before you buy a more powerful model, and that’s what a scooter can teach you. 2. Heavy traffic is not an issue Scooters are small, even when compared with other types of motorized bikes. This makes it the perfect option for getting around heavy traffic, as you can slip and slide through the gaps between the cars with ease. What’s more is that the small size makes parking a non-issue for a scooter. If you can park a bike, you can typically park a scooter. The combination of these benefits makes scooters the perfect choice for someone who needs a means of transportation in the urban area. 3. Great gas mileage Mileage is a huge concern for most, especially when gas prices seem to rise on a monthly basis. When you do the math, the most fuel-efficient scooter models have even better mileage than a hybrid eco car. That’s saying a lot for a tiny vehicle that usually doesn’t go any faster than 50mph. 4. It’s a lot of fun to ride a scooter Last but not least, a scooter is a lot of fun to ride. Imagine cruising down an open road at 40mph with nothing more than your trusty scooter and the wind that blows against you. At this speed, you will still be able to see things as they pass by, and you can still enjoy the scenery without being stressed by how fast you’re going. Plus, a scooter will teach you how to shift gears to enjoy a smooth ride, and that’s the technique that you can use with pretty much all sorts of bikes. Even when you’ve upgraded to a better bike, you might still find yourself coming back to your trusty old scooter, and it will feel like the very first time you got on it. The Bottom Line All in all, a scooter offers some of the best riding experience you can ask for. As long as you follow all the safety precautions, wear all the protective gears, and ride on a good road, there’s very little to worry about. Even after you’ve built enough confidence to move on to bigger and better bikes types, all that you learn from your first scooter will still apply.

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